Iron Bars Shell - restricted system shell for Linux/Unix

"Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage." Richard Lovelace
"But they sure help..." Bugs Bunny Logo
IRC: #ibsh
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  • the user can not step out of his/her home directory (jail)
  • the user can not access any files outside his/her jail
  • the user may execute only those commands, which the sysadmin lists in the appropriate configuration file
  • to prevent the user to store mp3's, bots, source or anything in his/her jail, ibsh regularly, automatically and without any notice blocks access to those files, which have NOT an extension listed by the sysadmin in the appropriate configuration file, or contain source code or elf binary data.
  • redirections, pipes, multiple command executions are not allowed
  • ibsh not only inspects the command, but the arguments as well
  • ibsh automatically logs the activities of the user to syslog
  • user commands files, user extension files for more control and customization
Copyright (c) 2005 Attila Nagyidai na [at]